Bath secrets

It is no secret that I love water, any water but most often the bath or shower.  We use the bath a lot in our family.  Probably because I love it so much my boys do too, we can spend hours in it.  Luckily when building our house I had the foresight to make sure our bath was quite big, these days it often has three, four or sometimes five of us in it at once (I will save you from the photos).  The boys are also masters of the outside bath,  we love flexi-tubs and our flexi- baby bath for outside baths anywhere.  Recently my eldest has stolen his mums trick of reading in the bath.  As well as a good book I have another secret to make your bath that much better-  the humble old Epsom salts.  While pregnant and swollen I was prepared to try anything to help the swelling amongst other pregnancy complaints.  Hours of internet research suggested Epsom salts in your bath.  Along with a few drops of essential oils (lavender and ti-tree are our favourites) half a cup to a cup of Epsom salts makes your bath that much more luxurious and relaxing.  It its also a good way to absorb more magnesium and it really does help swelling.  The boys have learnt this trick so all baths in our house now contain Epsom salts and a selection and bath toys, animals and boys and sometimes bubbles.


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