Easter for us has always been a time for days off and chocolate. For as long as I can remember we have broken tradition (no religious affiliations here) and had our Easter eggs and hunts on Good Friday. I am guessing my Mum started this to stop the pre Easter excitement/nagging and I have always felt it makes the chocolate last longer rather than trying to eat it all on Sunday and Monday.

We have kept up the Friday Easter tradition with my three boys. As chocolate lovers there is definitely a fair bit of chocolate involved and not just for the kids. When Max was little we introduced the idea of Easter presents – I know there is birthdays and Christmas but with Max birthday being in November it seemed like a good way to break the gifting drought. I love giving presents to my kids so any excuse really. This year Easter has come after or during some rough times so I may have gone a bit over the top. It started with seeing bunny bonnets all over Facebook- I took the challenge and made my boys merino bunny hats reusing a merino swaddle and an old business shirt. My 7 year old surprised me by absolutely loving his hat, he even wore it to school, hopping into the classroom to greet his teacher.

After the success of our Christmas Eve pyjamas there was definitely the demand for Easter pyjamas, who can resist matching outfits, and internet researching and shopping being a speciality the resulting pyjamas look super cute and feel amazing (see the photos). The end result was Good Friday morning with three boys in matching pyjamas and bunny bonnets searching the garden for their Easter books, and chocolate eggs, rabbits, kiwis, chickens and milk. One of the great things about Max is that he will let us hide the same Easter treats again meaning we had multiple Easter hunts- although this mornings question about when the real Easter bunny is coming could show he is already learning to play his parents. Way to many words – I hope you enjoy my Easter pics.  And yes my baby is eating chocolate and yes he did cry when we took it away.

Sunday morning update…

So the morning started with questions about the Easter bunny ( the colour of alligators tongues and about an animal called a pangolin).  We have never really made a big deal of the Easter bunny before and we have always set the hunts.  Luckily I was prepared, while daddy distracted the boys with breakfast I managed to hide a rabbit and egg in each boys room. I then lured Max into his room with a job that involved discovering the hidden rabbit.   Mission achieved – fingers crossed we have no more difficult questions.

We have just had another outdoor hunt – where I hid all the uneaten Easter chocolate in the house.  I am hoping we can relax with chocolate for my breakfast of course (it really take me back to childhood Easters).




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