Feeling sad

Todays another day when I should be feeling great yet I am feeling sad.   I know the reasons why – not enough sleep, mastitis brewing and the ever present postnatal depression .  Unfortunately knowing the reasons doesn’t make me less sad, less grumpy or more patient.   I look at a photo of day gone past wishing I could go back there.

All the doubts and negativity start to creep back in.  The feelings of being trapped, being alone and being overwhelmed.  I know I should be trying to spend time with the boys, distracting myself or getting something done.  But everything seems to take more energy and more confidence than I have.

Things could be worse – my cup could be empty not just part filled.  I will chalk this up to being another not great day.  While I watch Finn learning to stand I’ll cross my fingers for tomorrow.

june 08 305


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