The word hiding means an act of concealment or concealing.  Hiding is something that people are expert at – secreting and hiding away our thoughts and feelings – the good and especially the bad.  While this is a great thing when passing judgement on others  it can be really powerful thing to revel our thoughts and feelings to those around us, others in a similar situation and anyone anywhere who is interested.

After writing honestly and openly sharing just a small part of how I have been feeling I got some amazing and supportive feedback (thanks to everyone for their kind words).  Unfortunately with the best intentions some people close to me ‘freaked out’ about my publicly open approach.  While I respect their desire to protect me one of the hardest things in my postnatal depression experience has been feeling alone.  One of the things that has helped is hearing from friends that this has happened to them as well.  I am amazed how many people have revelled that they too suffered from PND.  The sad thing is that this was hidden, I really wish they had shared how they were feeling and that I could have done something to support them.

In being open and honest I hope anyone with PND or a struggle in their life realises that they are not alone and that there are people who care. In sharing my struggles I am ending my own ‘concealment’ and if this means facing the negativity of some others I hope I am strong enough.

Have a great week- I am going to focus on watching Finn discover the house as he learns to crawl and enjoy my big boys prowling the house as snow tigers.



2 Replies to “Hiding”

  1. You are truly brave to come out of hiding and share your struggles.
    I know you are a fantastic mother even though you can’t see it . One day you will . Truly believe that you can change your negstive thoughts to positive .
    Love N.


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