Dad of the house

Today my husband has a work dinner so he won’t be home for dinner or bedtime.  Luckily for me I have some replacements to step into his role of ‘Dad of the house’.  We head out for the day (following my cold shower as we have an issue with the hot water cylinder not a recipe to start my day in a relaxed way). Max steps up and reminds me of several things I have forgotten – like his brothers helmet when we set off scootering.   He follows this up by carrying the keys (as I have no pocket), taking photos of me, trying to buy treats (just like his Dad), packing and carrying shopping and backseat driving.  Finn steps up by deciding that today is a day to provide me with constant kisses (yes – wet and slobbery sometimes with tongue – I love my Finni Boo Bear kisses).  Noah in a somewhat grumpy phase attacks his Dads dream of an early night – falling asleep at 4pm (after an extensive tantrum).   Luckily Max is saved from putting Noah to bed – a challenge he has accepted in the past.  I declined Max’s offer of a spontaneous picnic that would have involved waking up Noah (Max did offer to pack everything).  Max did say “you have got me there” when I pointed out the the ‘Dad of the house’ role includes changing the fresh pooey nappy (yes my husband is amazing and is in charge of nappy changes when he is home).

I am now crossing my fingers I can get all my ‘Dads of the house’ into bed before my married at first sight is on (Noah is awake which indicates my plans could be in trouble).

On another note we have been talking a lot about poems,  Noah pipes up from the backseat “Mum I have a rhyme”

Tall Giraffe

Standing tall

Fat elephanty

Fat elephanty

Fat elephant.


Just one of Noah’s many articulate and insightful phrases today.




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