Our happy place

Today we went to our happy place.  It is a special place as it is where we got married but also a place where we all just relax and have fun.  Rather than tell you what we did I am going to let the pictures speak for themselves – enjoy.


2 Replies to “Our happy place”

  1. Hi Bex,just been reading your blog and enjoying your photos, want to say something but don’t know what.
    I feel like i’m intruding and guess i am.Learnt more about you than i have in years, great to see your 3 beautiful boys and 1 man.
    Depression is as i see it all the same ,no matter what name its given and has hunted me for nearly 45 years.So very easy to put on the brave face/mask but to open up near impossible, so much easier to say all is good.
    I also have my happy place that looks very similar to yours, and i and my best mate Staffy Molly walk it every day, just puts me right where i like to be and for that time nothing else matters, just us two and camera enjoying life and having passing conversations with others who are probably just doing the same.
    Reading Kate’s blog is also like yours a privilege i really appreciate,myself i struggle to get a word out.
    Guess my head is just wired wrong, but i prefer to think that its fine and everyone else just belongs on another planet 🙂
    Well i haven’t managed to say much ,but there are a thousand thoughts running through my head.
    Hope all starts going well for you and you keep up this blog and your great photos.
    Very glad to see you’re such a good Aunty to Kate,she needs you.
    Cheers Rick

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    1. Thanks for all your messages Rick. I feel it is important to share our struggles and connect with others. I feel so much better reading about the way others also struggle. Sorry to hear that you to have struggled with depression. Any beach is definitely a happy place. Love Bex


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