Today I gave my children freedom – I trusted them. Not the big type of freedom and trust of sending them into the world forever but just a little taste.

At home I try to give my boys freedom – I try to let them direct their own play and what they want to do both inside our house and outside. Noah has always been happy to be in a different room to me or outside without me – he enjoys his independence (he also tries to do most things for himself). Finn has only been crawling a few weeks but already he is enjoying having freedom to explore and chose where in the house he want to go/be (he has mastered going up stairs but not yet down so some monitoring is still needed given we don’t have child safety gates). Max is of the cling-on persuasion and unless he has his head in a book he usually prefers company (anyone including Finn will do).

I also try to trust the boys to do things for themselves. To cross the road to get to the letterbox, for Max to hold Finn in the bath, to use a sharp knife, to know how to light a fire, for Max and Noah to have a bath without an adult in the room, to play their own games.

Today was only a tiny slice of freedom- they walked along a beach without me ( I drove to meet them) and I let them be on the beach across the road from the bach where we are staying while I tried to put Finn to sleep. Their freedom totalled about 5 minutes.

It is nice to know that while Max and Noah liked their taste of freedom they were both happy to be back with me. At the end of the day although I sometimes wish for more freedom ( being able to sleep in for example or just get out of the car by myself ) I am so thankful for the freedom I do have.


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