Swimming in the stars

We are having a few nights away at one of our favorite baches about 10kms from home as the crow flies. Our home looks out over the surf and pounding waves. The Bach is inner harbor – calm a peaceful. We spent the afternoon damming a stream and floating tugboats (each boy has a big and small one).

Tonight my husband and I snuck out for a walk along the beach (an adult was with the boys). The afternoon cloud that had rolled in had disappeared and we were treated to a sky full of stars – Jupiter shinning brightly.   As we walked along we discovered that the sea was lighting up like the stars with bioluminescence (we have always called this phosphorescence). Bioluminescence is the light produced by living organisms (yes I have learnt this from Google).

Put simply it was like swimming in the stars. Wherever we moved in the water it came alive like the Milky Way above us. Max got the benefit of being the eldest child (and having a later bed time) and joined us for a star swim. We splashed, we waded, we jumped we dived surrounded by the glow of tiny sea stars. Max was buzzing – we were star mermaids, glowing crocodiles, sea serpents and taniwha. He has gone to bed a pretty happy boy, with a memory that I hope he will have forever. I have my fingers crossed that tomorrow night we can share the magic with Noah and Finn before bedtime – that we can swim in the stars again.

A great weekend of nature, exploration and relaxing.

Note – we were unsuccessful in trying to photograph the bioluminescence, so a photo of Finn will have to do.



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