Time out

Sometimes I just need time out.  It is not that I am grumpy, angry or annoyed just that I need to have some space.  When I take a personality test both my husband and I come out as highly introverted.  We both need our quite time, our down time and our just us time (together or as an immediate family).  It means I can be anxious and nervous about the simplest of social interactions or making a phone call. It means I may not answer the phone (one of the hard things about Postnatal depression has been people wanting deep feeling conversations on the phone at the drop of the hat with my boys often listening).

Time out for me is also a way of protecting myself – often I feel the need for some time out after a few knocks (to lick my wounds), when I am tired or stressed or when I am generally overwhelmed by the needs and pressures of others.

Timeout for me means less social occasions, less focusing on others and more at home time, more quiet family holidays.  It means curling up with a good book, getting things done around home, lots of boy cuddles, long baths, yummy food and connecting with nature.

This withdrawal and my normal feelings to social situations can be really hard for extroverted and confident people to understand,  like a minimalists home is hard for a hoarder.  For me it is a reminder that we are all different,  that we are all unique and tick to a different pattern.  It is a reminder to respect each other no matter how different they are to us.  It is time to let go of the overwhelming feelings and to relax, rest and simplify.



3 Replies to “Time out”

  1. Beautiful photo Bex,i can relate to much of what you’ve written , when i’m like that i just can’t talk to anyone,,,anxiety and introverted is just how some people are ,as you say ,we are all very different, some people need no coping mechanisms while others really struggle to find theirs .
    I hope more people read your blog as i’m sure it will be helping others understand themselves a bit more.
    Cheers Rick


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