This week there has been a bit of joy in our house.  It is amazing how some really simple things can bring so much joy, happiness and pride.

Noah is having a great week – despite my suspicion settling back into kindy after the holidays would be tough he proved me wrong.  He had a great day, coming home with a rainbow plane he had made – zooming in through the paddock in the sun while we waited for Max ( yes you pick Max up from school in a sheep paddock).  There was further joy at getting his own orange cushion (orange has been his only favourite colour )  and a new pair of jandals.  Everyone he has seen has had to admire his jandals.

Max has had joy at running – doing his best at cross country, coming third (last year he came first – he handled coming third so well).  There has been the joy at pretending our car is a space ship and the roads asteroid belts – I am astronaut SM or astronaut super mum.

Finn has had the joy of mastering crawling – getting into everything  and really developing his personality.  There was also wild excitement as he has learnt to say “woof” when we talk about seeing a dog (I will admit it sound more like ‘oof’.  And there has been learning to dance – he is definitely bopping along, so far his favourite track is ‘I feel it coming’.   There is always the joy and happiness that Finni Boo Bear brings to our family when he smiles, giggles, talks or kisses us (and that is despite night time antics as a result of sandfly bites – meaning his parents are a bit short on sleep).

There has been some family fun – going star gazing, rolling around on the grass, looking at stars and all the boys trying to lie on top of me instead of the cold grass.  There has been my three boys and me dancing and singing to Adele at the top of our voices in the moonlight.  We also had joy at the pool – Finn learning to fall into mum, all three boys riding and enjoying the wave pool and Finn’s excited splashing.

There has been joy for me – watching my three boys – loving them all so much.  I have also taken some joy from doing some things for myself – a haircut (although I did take my  10month old and 3 year old with me), buying a dolls house and going for a walk in the sun.  It has been feeling good or even great again, feeling that I can beat postnatal depression, feeling that I can do this parenting thing.

This week has been a good so far – I hope I can remember this joy when times are hard again, I hope you too can find some joy in your day.




One Reply to “Joy”

  1. Hey Bex,really happy to read this, gave me a perfect ending to a great day,a lot of smiles, very pleased you’re having a good week, life is full of them.Love the photo.
    Cheers Rick


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