Smelling the roses

Yesterday we took some time to smell the roses.  We took the time to enjoy the sun, look at the colours of nature (given I had a very sore eye I was particularly appreciative of my sight) and smell the scent of roses.  All my boys proved to be very appreciative of flowers.

We took the boys to the rose gardens.   I have fond memories of visiting the rose gardens with my Nana and Grandpa, sandwiches packed in a Tupperware and a thermos. Yesterday it was great to share stories of my Nana with them – despite her being gone a long time I still miss her and think of her.

Today on mothers day, we followed up our Nana thoughts with a visit to one of her favourite places.  We ate sandwiches out of our Tupperware and drink milo from our thermos.  We explored the wilds, the boys jumped off rocks, and Finn crawled in the sand.  We remembered that our family have been coming here for at least 95 years.  It is nice to think that my Nana’s legacy will live on in my boys whether it be mini golf outings, smelling the roses or exploring the wilds.

So to my Nana and to my Mum – Happy mothers day.  Thank you for being such an amazing part of my life, thanks for making amazing memories – love you forever.



3 Replies to “Smelling the roses”

  1. I love it . They appear to be really enjoying the roses. Great Nan will be looking down and smiling . I can clearly remember going there with my Nana. Can we go there together soon . Love Nana


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