Recently we have been taking some risks.  I say we because my husband has been right their with me.  I suspect I am the scared one though – definitely the stressed out one.  We took a risk and had a long overdue holiday to our amazingly beautiful South Island.  We booked a camper van and committed to living in a tiny space with our three boys for ten days.  I am not going to pretend it was easy – there were melt downs and missed sleep from all the boys and me, but we had a really special and exciting trip away.  I know it was good as I really wanted to move down there (or ideally spend half the time there) and once we were home Noah informed me he was feeling a bit sad because he missed the South Island.  He followed this up by suggesting we just drive down, I said this would take more than and day and he replied not to worry we can have some stops.  The boys all tolerated my demands for lots of random photos and really appreciated all the experiences we had from jet boating to breaking ice to feeding takahe.  It was definitely good to be out in the wilderness lighting camp fires and cruising with dolphins – great reminders of how lucky we are, and of how taking a chance can be so rewarding.

We have followed up this great experience by taking a risk and fulfilling a dream of mine by buying a boat.  The hope I that this will lead to many more great experiences for the boys.  I have to say we needed a push to take this risk but we can’t wait to be on the water.

Now I have had a few good nights sleep I am feeling just that little bit more confident to be brave and to take a risk.