Thanks…and sorry…

Today I just want to say thanks to someone amazing in my life,  and sorry too.  It is my Mum’s birthday today and unfortunately I can’t be with her and because of me her birthday week has been rough.

I just want to acknowledge what an amazing mother she has been,  how much she has done for me and my children and how lucky we are to have her as a grandma and mum. I won’t list all the amazing things she does for us, or try to quantify how hard she works to make us all happy.

I also won’t count the times I have needed to say sorry to her.  I  want to say sorry for all the times I have been awful to her (I can only blame my postnatal depression recently),  all the times I have been critical, rude and unkind.  I am sorry for letting her down in so many ways so many times.  I am so lucky to have her.

My little boy Finn or Bear as we call him is asleep now, cuddling his Nana’s teddy – knowing how much his Nana loves him.

Happy Birthday Mum and Love you.  XOXO





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